Volunteer Information

Here are a few key things you need to know:

Firstly, thank you for signing up to help make our home tournament a success.  We appreciate you helping us make our guests feel welcome. If you are approached by a guest and you don’t know the answer, please refer them to the check-in table, contact one of the tournament committees via walkie-talkies (located at concessions), or suggest they look at our online program.


Be sure to check in when you arrive. The volunteer check-in table is located right in front of the main school entrance (link to map). You will receive a wrist band which must be worn for entrance into the stadium.


With 12 bands attending our home tournament, parking will be limited. Please consider carpooling. There will be some volunteer parking available behind the math building (link to map). Alternately consider parking on one of the side streets surrounding the school.

What to wear

Please wear your SRHS Music Booster shirt. If you don’t have one we will be selling shirts at the end of practice on Friday night @ 8 PM. Alternatively, wear a maroon/cardinal red shirt. We also recommend dressing in layers, wearing comfortable shoes, and bringing a cellular device.

Volunteer Shift

Please plan to arrive 5 minutes prior to your shift so that you can receive instructions from the person prior to you. If you don’t remember what you signed up for please take a moment to check the list (see link below). At the end of your shift please take a few moments to walk through the basics of the job with the person replacing you.

Adult Volunteer Sign Up

Non-Marching Band Student Volunteer Sign Up

Below are some basic things you need to know for each position:


Located at each end of the stadium stands, these volunteers stop access into and out of the stadium stands while bands are performing.


This suite is specifically for judges, band directors, and their staff. Your job is to keep refreshments stocked, assist with the setup of food, and ensure areas are clean throughout the event.


The ticket booth is located at the front of the stadium. In addition to the concession stands on both sides of the stadium, we will have two candy & shout-out tables. When you check-in at the volunteer station you will be assigned a location. We can take cash or credit cards for purchases. Online shout-out purchases use a special ordering program but we can alsotake cash orders.

The wifi and square login information will be available at the various food stands and inside the ticket sales booth.

Please watch this video on how to take payments using our online payment system. We highly recommend pre-downloading the app onto your device.


First aid is located on the far end of the field.


Volunteers provide support to judges as needed.

Volunteers monitor entrances ensuring on authorized personnel go beyond the gate. They inform bands and their equipment crews when they may enter the stadium.


Direct spectators inside the stadium, check spectators’ wristband tickets or volunteer badges.

Direct busses to their assigned parking spots and direct spectators to their parking area. These volunteers also direct traffic as they depart the campus.

Thanks again!  See you there!