Concert Attire

Proper concert dress is formal attire. The concert stage is not the place to make a personal fashion statement. It is the place where we come together as a group to perform. We should appear polished and professional. Nothing should be worn that distracts the audience from the enjoyment of the sounds we produce. For that reason the following standards have been established and will be strictly enforced.


Black dress pants and black suit jacket

White long sleeve dress shirt

Long black tie (no bow ties)

Long black socks and black shoes

No skin showing below the waist especially when sitting


Long Black Dress (length to knee or ankles)

OR black skirts (length ankles or with black hosiery- no fish nets) / black dress pants (no jeans or Leggings) with a black dress blouse.

Nothing see through, nothing low cut, nothing exposing the midriff or shoulders, and no spaghetti straps (arms may show).

Black hosiery or socks, closed-toe black dress shoes (no sneakers, but heels are acceptable)

No skin showing below the waist especially when sitting