Marching Band & Color Guard Volunteers

Traditionally, the season begins with a 2- week band camp prior to the beginning of the school year and runs through to the end of the semester. Tournaments occur on various Saturdays throughout October and November, ending before Thanksgiving Break. Director Shedd, Coaches, Drum Major, Assistant Drum Major and Section Leaders lead the band. Our role is to provide support to them.

One word of caution: Those who have watched parades and field show competitions and experienced the positive effects gained from being a part of this group, tell us that it’s addictive!

San Diego Unified School District requires completion of a Volunteer Application every year.

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Join the fun!

Pit Crew
These volunteers help members of the band, pit and drumline get equipment and heavier instruments to the field for the halftime show at football games and competitions. The good news is that those on the pit crew generally get into the competition and games for free and get to hang out with the band students around the buses before and after a show. What a deal.

Bus Chaperones
Band students understand behavior expectations and how they are held to a higher standard. They understand that travel is a privilege that can be lost. Band students are the cream of the crop, the best of the best, and riding the bus with them, helping them get all their uniform parts together and such… is really a fun job. Stay to lend a hand with the pit crew to get into tournaments free!

Truck Drivers
The Marching Band has a lot of gear! We rent 1-2 trucks for each away tournament. Truck drivers arrange for the rentals, assist the band with loading and uploading, drive to and from the tournaments, and help the pit crew. Without their help the band couldn’t perform. Stay to lend a hand with the pit crew to get into tournaments free!

Volunteer Coordinator
Determine the volunteer requirements for tournaments, home football games and other events; Source parents to meet those requirements; Ensure volunteers are aware of specific assignments; Undertake orientation of new parents/volunteers; Use Sign-Up Genius for all volunteer communication.

Marching Band Uniform Coordinator(s)
While we have students to help organize uniforms we still need parents to help. All band students get sized for uniforms every year. That normally involves finding a overall-like pants, a jacket, and a Shako (hat with a plume) that fit. Someone has to keep track of who has what number of which piece of the uniform. Then there is distributing and collecting accessories like gauntlets, plumes, gloves and other uniform add-ons. Marching Band uniforms can easily cost $400/ea, so care of the uniforms is essential to increase the life expectancy and reduce the frequency of buying new sets. Uniforms require dry cleaning, which is no small undertaking. Organizing them for pick up or delivery, removing the items that don’t go to the cleaner, then re-assembling and reorganizing upon their return. Fittings are done late August during Marching Band camp.

Home Tournament Committee
A marching band competition can involve over a dozen marching bands. A home tournament is a large fundraiser, but also a massive undertaking. It takes a team of parents to help organize all the volunteers needed to help with parking, crowd control, snack bar, first aid, and judge runners. But many hands make light work, so please consider joining this committee.

Everyone loves photos. This person takes photos and videos at all of the marching band events and uploads them into a share drive for everyone to view.

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