Color Guard | Winter Guard

Color Guard is a high energy performing and visual art which includes dance, gymnastics, theater, acrobatics, equipment manipulation (including flags, rifles, sabers and other props), and visual color. A variety of dance styles are incorporated, including ballet, jazz, and modern.

In the fall, the Color Guard participates with the marching band in football games and competitive performances. In the winter, the color guard performs visual shows set to music in an indoor setting, and competes with other color guards.  Students can choose to be in one or both of these programs.  Students interested in joining either program can learn more and try it out at our incoming freshman night in November (exact date TBA) and/or at our try-out session in May (exact date TBA)

The best part of color guard, however, is not necessarily the dance, props, or tournaments. Color guard promotes the development of physical fitness, self-confidence, discipline and other life skills. Color guard members become a family for one another throughout their high school experience.


Color Guard

  • The Color Guard Season begins with the Marching Band 2- week camp, prior to the beginning of the school year
  • Color guard follows the marching band after-school practice schedule September – mid-November
  • Our marching band and colorguard proudly perform at Varsity Football home games
  • Tournaments occur on various Saturdays throughout October and November
  • Mid-November until the end of semester students report to music room Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday until 3PM in order to obtain PE credit


  • Winterguard practices are scheduled for Wednesdays and Fridays, 2:30PM-5PM.
  • Tournaments dates vary but are generally scheduled for weekends, February – Mid-April

Questions or want to learn more?
Contact Coach: Giovanni (Gio) Ayon