Kitchen Assistance

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Volunteer Opportunity Kitchen
Description Assist with food preparation and replenishing concession stands when food is running out.
Coordination Sales/Sponsors/Donations
Tasks Prep
1. Check the Tournament Equipment Required document for items need to complete this task. At least 1 week prior to tournament check inventory, seek donations for what is needed, if donations are insufficient shop for needed items.
2. Check Parent Loaned & Donated Items and procure the items needed.
3. Procure any expendable items, such as paper towels, ice, crock pot liners, etc.  This will be dictated by the concession menu and hospitality menu.
4. Plan for concessions and hospitality.Performance
5. 1st shift check in at 8 am.
6. Clean and set-up kitchen
7. 30 minutes prior to lunch start have kitchen set up
9. Shut down after Awards ceremony.

10. Take final inventory
11. Breakdown and stow equipment
12. Clean you area

Helpful Qualifications
  •  Likes Chaos
  • Organized