First Aid

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Volunteer Opportunity First Aid
  • Provide first aid to cuts, sprains, heat exertion.
  • Clean & apply bandages, ice packs and/or provide water, as needed.
  • Contact paramedics if needed.
Coordination Stadium – Performance Gate
Tasks Prep

  1. Check the Tournament Equipment Required document for items need to complete this task. 1 week prior to tournament take inventory of first aid items, seek donations or purchase what items will be required.


  1. Set up pop-up, cot, cooler and first aid supplies at the Performance gate, away from performance side (i.e. leave plenty of room to gets bands in and out)
  2. Help those in need – enjoy the show


  1. Breakdown first aid station and stow equipment
  2. Make note of any shortages or needs and notify a board member.
Helpful Qualifications
  • Organized
  • First aid experience