Stadium – Performance Gate

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Volunteer Opportunity Stadium – Performance Gate
  • Monitor entrances to and exit of bands from the field.
  • Ensure only authorized personnel go beyond gate.
  • Inform bands and their equipment crews when they may enter the stadium for their performance.
Coordination Runners/Floaters
Stadium – Entrance Gate
Equipment Crew
First Aid
Tasks Prep
1. Download Performance orderPerformance
2. Keep gates closed until a band is ready to enter the stadium or exit the stadium – this is to insure the public can access the restrooms.
3. When a band is coming into the stadium, open the gates, announce to everyone to stand clear and allow the band in, and close the gates, confirm which band they are.
4. When the band enters the field, stage them on the track following the runner’s lanes toward the inside of the track.  This is to ensure that two band can maneuver.
5. Stage the band even with the end of the football field – allow them to go no further until the previous band is clear and the announcer has indicated they should take the field.
6. The band exiting the field has the right-of-way.
7. Remember to keep the gates closed when bands are not entering or leaving.

8. Clean up area

Helpful Qualifications
  • Organized