Parent Meeting Recap

Here is a summary of the items discussed at the Parent  Meeting. 

Stay Informed


  • If your student is experiencing any symptoms indicating the flu, cold, etc. PLEASE keep them home and get them tested for Covid before returning to school/band.  The district has a new process for contact tracing that we will use in the event we have any positive tests.

Fall Schedule

  • Students have a copy of the fall schedule of events. The schedule can also be found here.


  • Fittings are tentatively scheduled for this week:  
    • SENIORS: Wednesday, 8/25, 11:45 AM 
    • JUNIORS: Wednesday,8/25, 12:45 PM
    • SOPHOMORES: Thursday, 8/26, 11:15 AM 
    • FRESHMAN: Friday, 8/27, 11:15 AM
  • Students will need a pair of “Dinkles” (marching band shoes) for the season.  They will be sized during uniform fittings. They can be purchased for about $50, but the program has several pairs of loaners for those that do not want to purchase their own.  
  • Students will need a pair of black compression shorts to wear under their marching band pants at all performances.
  • Students will also need to wear this season’s “Show shirt” under their uniform for all games and tournaments.  This shirt will be distributed later.  

Tournament Transportation

  • It’s unclear if we will be using buses or carpools this year. We are assuming at this time that buses will be required.  Click here, if you would like to pay your student’s transportation fees now.

Funds & Fundraising

  • The SRHS Music Boosters provides both volunteer and financial support to the SRHS Music program.  In addition to donations,  we hope our biggest fundraisers, our tournaments and Concerts, will go off without a hitch this year.  While this year is full of uncertainties, we are budgeting and making plans assuming that the program will be able to fully participate without disruption.
  • Want to donate to the program? We have options. Click here Don’t forget to ask your employer if they match employees’ donations to eligible nonprofits!


  • There are many opportunities to volunteer and we need your help more than ever:  
    • We have several specific openings that still need filling: Click here to learn more 
    • Stay tuned for information about how to volunteer for home and away tournaments, football games, etc.

New to Marching Band & Color Guard Tips

  • Due to the time demands of marching band in the Fall, time management is critical for all students to complete homework and not fall behind in other classes. Some suggestions:
    • Bring homework to Tournaments for the bus ride and/or long breaks
    • Work with students on planning their week and taking advantage of every break in their schedules for home works, studying, etc.
    • Check-in with Powerschool every week to check on students’ progress in all classes. Get necessary help for students to keep them on track.
  • Thursday night band rehearsals – Parents are welcomed to attend the last 30 minutes of practice to see the run-through of the band show (the band builds upon the previous week throughout the season). This is a great opportunity to meet other parents/families.