Marching Band & Color Guard Parent Meeting

Thursday, August 19th, 8 PM @ SRHS Quad

We know you have lots of questions about what Marching Band will look like this year.

Please make the time to attend this parent meeting. This will also be an opportunity for parents to learn more about the program and ask questions. Mr. Shedd will provide insights into the structure and share information about:

  • Logistics for away tournaments, SRHS field tournament, Football schedule, and Practice schedule (AKA: When do I need to drop and pick up my kid? What do they need to bring?)
  • Buses, expenses, and booster support
  • Dinkles and other things
  • Plus much more!

Parent Pro Tip: Bring your checkbook so you can pay transportation fees.

NEW TO MARCHING BAND? Want to know what Dinkles are? We will answer this question and more during a special segment after the main meeting for new parents.