Q4 Marching Band Updated 4/12/2021

After our first day back to here are a few updates:

The show theme this quarter is “How to train your dragon”. Students will memorize the music. There are tentative plans for a live show to be performed for parents in June with senior recognition.

There are plans to fit students into uniforms and have photos taken- it is unclear at this time if online students will participate in this; Director Shedd is still checking with the administration for guidance.

For the PE portion there will be fitness logs and nutrition assignments. Director Shedd still waiting for guidance on the 9th grade Presidential Fitness requirements.

Online-only students CAN attend Marching Band in-person if desired.

We appreciate your patience as the kinks are worked out.

Mondays 1:00PM-2:30PM, Woodwinds & Brass*
Tuesdays 1:00PM-2:30PM, Percussion, Pit & Color guard*
Thursdays, 6-8 PM, ENTIRE Marching Band & Color guard

*Students should plan to eat a quick light lunch at the beginning of class.

No instruments needed for the first couple days- tentatively plan to bring instruments on the first Thursday.

Similar to the previous quarter, playing assignments will be recorded and submitted online.