Grading Policy Update from Director Shedd

As we start a new semester I thought it would be wise to send out an update to the music department grading policies. With all the changes it would be good for all families to know what the policy is moving forward so that students can be as prepared as possible.

In light of updates with our district grading policy in the fall, the following policies are changed moving forward for grading in all music department classes.

  • All work will have due dates. However, late work will be allowed up to one week past the due date without academic penalty. After one week, the assignment becomes a zero.
  • All work turned in has a time-stamp. That is what I use to determine the time of submission.
    Work that needs to be revised after grading will be accepted one week past the reassignment date. After that date the revision will revert back to the original score.
  • All work for the semester (assignments, revisions, projects, etc.) must be completed by the end of the semester. Any work submitted past this deadline will not be scored and will either revert back to the original score in the case of re submissions or become a zero.
  • Each late assignment will result in a reduction of your citizenship grade by one full mark. 5 late assignments or more will result in a “U” (Unsatisfactory).

One final note. Grades can only be made up if they score lower than an 85, which is a Superior at festival and thus shows mastery of the material. Any grade higher than that cannot be made up.

As we navigate these new procedures I welcome all questions and challenges.

Enjoy your weekend.

Mr. Shedd