Update from Mr. Shedd

Hello music families.  I hope you are doing well in spite of our distance challenges and isolation.  As a class and field of study, music is a group activity created by many and enjoyed just the same.  In these times it is difficult to say the least in trying to create a sense of community and belonging while we practice in our separate rooms and homes.  I hope that these dark days will end soon and that we can once again enjoy a time where we come together to create art, share in our successes and create music as a family.   

I wanted to share a few updates.

  1. Our trip to Europe is officially cancelled.  We will be getting back all of our funds toward the trip in due course.  It may be many months but rest assured each family that contributed toward the trip will be refunded. 
  2. We are getting three new storage containers.  They should be arriving in the next month or so.  Once I know a date we will need as many able bodied parents to help empty them.  Students cannot help at this time.
  3. Our student council is planning several events to make us feel more like a family.  Please sign up for the student remind to make sure you are aware of all up coming virtual events.
  4. I truly want to thank all the families to have donated to the program.  We were able to clean and repair almost all instruments in our inventory and even replace broken and outdated instruments.  While our needs are still many it is a strong step in the right direction.  Every student now has a working instrument and we have funds to provide one should the need arise. 
  5. Thank you to all the students as well who are doing their best in online learning.  It is a struggle each day to make learning and playing together exciting and engaging.  I truly appreciate your efforts.  I hope this will end soon.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help make online learning easier.  I am trying to figure all this out with everyone but want to know if I can do more.   

Thank you once again for your patience and rest assured this will end… someday ?


Mr. Shedd