Message from Director Shedd

Dear Scripps Ranch Music Families,

Normally this time of the year I would be sending the first of many emails discussing the upcoming events, schedules, and activities involved in the fall for the music department. I am deeply saddened that this year I will be unable to provide the usual information regarding band camp, football games, marching tournaments, and concert schedules. But, as I have striven to do in the past, I am reaching out to provide you with as much factual information as I have to help keep you informed while you make arrangements for the beginning of the school year.

At this time, there are no current plans to host band camp, our marching tournament, or participate in any formal marching season. Due to the changing nature of the Coronavirus Pandemic, CIF-the governing body for after school athletics-made the decision on July 21st to postpone all fall sports until at least December 2020 or January 2021. As marching band schedules are so intrinsically tied to these events, the Falcon Corps and Colorguard will not participate in any marching events such as band camp, football games, and tournaments as we have traditionally done so. However, as Marching Band is still a registered class for credit at Scripps Ranch High School, instruction and grades will still be given.

Additionally, as of today, I have not been notified of details regarding the implementation of virtual distance learning for this fall outside of the confirmation that all classes will be instructed in a fully online format until further notice. When confirmed information is made available to me, I will be sending out more details as to how instruction and curriculum for the Music Department will take shape.

I am working with our principal to facilitate a process for instrument and music check out, if such an opportunity is deemed prudent and necessary. I am hopeful that we will be able to have a safe process in place to provide these essentials to your students in a timely manner.

Know that I am working diligently to lesson plan for all contingencies the shifting nature the current health crisis demands, and providing families with information is a top priority. As such, if there are any questions or concerns, I would appreciate a direct line of communication with you via my work email address: I will do my best to answer all emails in a timely manner, as I too, am a working, stay-at-home parent at this time.

Please continue to monitor your emails so that you may be kept up to date from myself and the boosters.

In Good Health,

Russell Shedd