Tentative Plans for the School Year 2020-2021 (Updated August 1)

We realize that the SRHS Music Program is a very important piece of your student’s high school experience.  Knowing this, we will be doing everything we can to make sure that they get the most out of it and make this year as amazing as it has been in the past!  

To do that, we need your help and your patience as we await full guidelines from the school district as to what the school year might hold.  Please read through ALL the following to gain some insight into what the school year MAY look like 2020-2021. 


As you know school will start online.  All classes will include online software such as smart music and music theory (both paid for by voluntary donations through the booster program). It is highly likely that 1st semester concerts and Marching Band tournaments (our biggest fundraisers) will likely be cancelled.

Band will be broken up into two classes based on grade level.  One period for Freshman and another period for 10th-12th Grades. In following years, it will be based on auditions.

Orchestra will be broken up into two classes based on grade level.  One period for Freshman and another period for 10th-12th Grades.  In following years, it will be based on auditions.

Full Orchestra (TBD) will be an audition-only ensemble.

Marching Band & Color Guard will be a modified version this year.  At this time, we anticipate there won’t be any tournaments, but please stay tuned as this may change.  There will NOT be a Marching Band Camp. Marching Band will be a zero period class for all grades.  As of now we do not have enough information to tell you the exact schedule.  Marching Band for Freshman is a year-long class.  

Winter Guard is up for review and we will know more once school begins.

Unfortunately, Choir has been eliminated due to small class size.


Mr. Shedd will be posting summer enrichment activities on Google Classroom.  Please encourage your student to check these out and keep practicing!



We still have 2 vacancies on the booster board AND many other non-board volunteer positions remain vacant!  SRHS Music relies heavily on volunteers.  We cannot adequately support your students in this program without more volunteers!! 

Please consider signing up and we are happy to walk you through how to help. 

You don’t need to be an expert.  Many willing hands make light work for all.  With your help, we can do more TOGETHER to make this year an AMAZING experience for your student!


The SRHS Music Boosters will continue to provide financial support to the program.  We are uncertain as to what the financial needs will be.  We are in the process of reviewing our fundraising options and will be sending out information regarding voluntary donations once school resumes in the Fall. 


Visit our website at srhsmusic.com to review the program, calendar, photos and sign up for updates via email and Remind (the best source to get up to the minute information as we get it). Any other questions or if you are new to the program, contact us at srhsmusics@gmail.com.


The eagerly anticipated 2021 Europe Trip is on hold until we have a better understanding of what the guidelines will be.  There will be a trip of some sort for the music program, we are just not sure what it will look like.  If you have signed up, don’t do anything and don’t make any more payments.  Please wait until Fall when we get more information.