Wish List

The SRHS Music program is one of the highest-achieving programs of its kind in Southern California. While everyone involved in this program appreciates all that it has to offer, the program does need substantial funding in order to provide the music education experience students and parents have come to know and enjoy.

The items below are just some of the many costs associated with running this program. Contributions to the SRHS Music Boosters are not required for students to participate in the music program. Donations are one source of funding for the program. They are entirely voluntary, and greatly appreciated, in any amount. Thank you for your consideration and support.


Instruments Brand Low End Brand High End
Piccolo x 2  Pearl PFP-105 $1015 Yamaha YPC-81 $3063
Oboe x 2 Yamaha YOB 441 $3000 Fox 333 $2990
Bassoon x 3 Fox 222 $5449
English Horn Fox 520 $5999
Baritone Sax YBS-52 $5311
Mellophone x 4 Kanstul 281 $2185
Marching Trumpets x 8 Kanstul 103 $1705
French Horns  x 2 Conn 8D $4200 
Sousaphone Overhaul x 4 $1600 – $3000 Repair Only

Specialized Instruction & Coaches

4-12 sessions per semester – $25.00/hour for Flute, Double Reeds, High brass, Low Brass, Percussion, Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Percussion

Other Equipment

Equipment  Brand  # Cost
Music Posture Chairs Wenger 30 $2400.00
Move and Store Cart  Wenger  2 $670.00
Keyboard Cart  Wenger  1 $1303.00
Portable PA System Mega Vox Pro Outdoor 1 $1523.00
Command Tower Podium McCormicks 1 $2364.00
Cargo Mover Jarvis  1 $950.00
Strobe Tuner Petersen 1$3500.00
Tenor Sax Mouthpieces Selmer C* 5 $190 each
Alto Sax Mouthpieces Selmer C* 3 $160 each
Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece Vandoren B503 3 $150 Each

Because you and your student(s) have the right to a free public education, your voluntary donation is optional. Students’ grades will not be affected in any way, regardless of whether or not their family chooses to donate to the program.