Volunteerism- We need YOU!

It’s true that music is a wonderful experience for the students. It’s also true that there’s a lot of work required to support it! That’s why we need YOU as a volunteer. And, yes, you really will have fun when you volunteer and get to know other parents and students!

We have many opportunities to volunteer which we will discuss at the Parent Meeting on Tuesday, June 4th but here are some key positions that we need IMMEDIATELY due to leaving parents of Senior students:

President Shadow (Assumes full duties in 2020/2021)

Coordinates the work of all committees, oversees the financial records and budget in coordination with the Treasurer, and acts as a liaison with the school. Communicates with Music Director on a regular basis to establish priorities for action and support requirements from the Music Boosters.

Recycling Coordinators

Recycling is not only good for the environment but also can be turned in for cash. This position collects and cashes out all the bottles and cans we collect.

End of Year Concert Silent Auction Coordinator(s)

A huge fundraiser for our program, the coordinator oversees a team of volunteers who solicit organizations and individuals for donations. The team packages items into baskets, prints all the necessary bid sheets and descriptions and manages the table the night of the auction (supervising and collecting payment).

Marching Band Volunteer Coordinator

This person determines the volunteer requirements for tournaments, home football games and other events; Sources parents to meet those requirements. They ensure volunteers are aware of specific assignments. They provide orientation/direction to new parents/volunteers. Use Sign-Up Genius for all volunteer communication.

Home Tournament Committee Members

A marching band competition can involve over a dozen marching bands. A home tournament is a large fundraiser, but also a massive undertaking. It takes a team of parents to help organize all the volunteers needed to help with parking, crowd control, snack bar, first aid, and judge runners. But many hands make light work, so please consider joining this committee.

Iced-Tea Coordinator

The student council sells iced tea to help raise funds for the program. This position ensures a consistent stock by arranging deliveries.

Apparel Coordinator – Filled

Communications Officer (Urgent)- Filled

Contact us to learn more about these important roles!

Warning! Parents, guardians and grandparents directly benefit their student in music when volunteering and set an extremely positive example.