Winter Guard Update

We need help transporting equipment to each tournament. We are looking for volunteers to help share the equipment haul, eliminating the costs associated with truck rentals.

Please use this link to sign-up

If you can take more than 1 item, please sign up for multiple items. If we cannot get volunteers to cover all the equipment, we need to rent a trailer and someone will need to be able to have a hitchable vehicle.  We need to ensure we have transportation arranged for ALL the equipment so be sure to use the sign up link above!!

Mirrors take 2 to handle, bases can be handled by 1 person, benches need 2 people, floors needs 4 people each, the floor trolly needs 1 or 2. The students will assist with loading an unloading of all equipment.

A pickup with a 6 foot bed and can either hold:

2 sets on benches in the back (no room to spare).

1 Floor and Trolley (with a little extra room).

8 mirror stands (with a little extra room to spare).

The mirrors (with a little room to spare).