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Our Musical Adventure


Our award-winning Scripps Ranch High School Orchestra and Band is back safe and sound after an exciting 5 day Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria. Students were able to take part in several musical experiences and visited some of the Pacific Northwest’s famous sights.

Many thanks to the teachers and chaperones!  Good fun + Good music = Good memories

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Our 2016 Championship Adventure



to the
Scripps Ranch Falcon Corps and Color Guard

What an exciting day! I think we can all agree that this year’s championships will be one we always remember.  Considering the number of obstacles we overcame, we should be proud of our accomplishments, placing 9th in the 3A Division competition and winning the Viewer’s Choice Award.

As the Marching Band tournament season winds down, the Boosters would like to thank everyone who helped make this year a success.  It is truly amazing to see the transformation, from where we were 4 months ago when this journey began, to where we ended up. We thank the band, color guard, section leaders, drum majors, coaches, and director for their dedication and hard work.

In keeping with the Thanksgiving spirit, we would like to thank:

  • FRESHMAN class. You were all asked to do something new and you all stepped it up and crushed it.  Thank You!
  • SOPHOMORE class. You were seasoned veterans, came back from last year and put in the work.  It showed. Thank You!
  • JUNIOR class. You guys are the gel that keeps the band in sync, with 2 years under your belts, you’ve become mentors, teachers and leaders. Thank You!
  • SENIOR class. Your example of leadership, dedication and commitment to the band and color guard year after year has been infectious and has spread through the entire program.
  • COACHES. Thank you for taking the time to teach our kids that they can achieve their goals through hard work and by believing in themselves. Thank you for your patience and direction!
  • DIRECTOR SHEDD. As always, THANK YOU!! for the tireless hours that you put in to help our kids be the best that they can be. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to YOUR kids and OURS.
  • PARENTS. Thank you for EVERYTHING you do to keep this program going. Thank you for your endless support. When asked, you all were there to help and when were in need, you were there to provide. THANK YOU and thank you for having such AWESOME kids!!

We look forward to another successful season and adventure next year!

Take a minute to check out the photos from Championships!
Thank you again to the Hizon family for volunteering their time and sharing their awesome photos of our band.

CSBC Field Championships- Division Finals- 2016!

For the past 3 months, the band, color guard, section leaders, drum majors, coaches and director have been working extremely hard day in and day out to reach this goal, to make the championships for the second year running.  Well, we are happy to report that WE DID IT!  With a score of 79.25 during the CSBC Semi-Finals we earned 9th place (out of 20) and the chance to compete in the CSBC Finals this weekend.

Congratulations to all the members of the Falcon Corps and Color Guard! Your dedication and commitment to the program and to each other have allowed you to achieve greatness. Be proud of your accomplishments you have all earned it!

We have one more day of competition, let show them what we are made of.. Go the Distance! Go Falcons!

Photo Gallery from CSBC Semi Finals

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