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Important Dates


19th- Monday: 2:30-4pm, Band Rehearsal

20th- Tuesday: 2:30-4pm, Orchestra Rehearsal

21st- Wednesday: Band Concert – Theater- Performance 6:30PM (Call time 5:30 PM)

22nd- Thursday: Orchestra & Choir Concert – Theater – Performance 6:30PM (Call time 5:30 PM)


21st- Monday: Scripps Ranch Area Concert @ SRHS

26th- Saturday: Fiesta Botanica Parade- Marching Band – Balboa Park


3rd- Sunday: End of the Year Banquet 5:00pm – 11:00pm

8th- Friday: End of Year Concert – Quad

13th- Wednesday: Graduation @ Viejas Arena – Performance 6:00pm

Arizona Iced Tea

Iced tea


We need the tall cans, and some of the most popular flavors are Grape, Raspberry, Lemon, Watermelon, and Black and White.
A couple of  places where you can buy cases  are at Food 4 Less and the Costco Business Center in Kearny Mesa (you need to be a member of Costco, but you don’t have to be a business to shop there).